Sunday, 9 August 2015

Common mistakes made in marriages/relationships by women. PT 3.

                                        Comparing your spouse with your friend’s spouse

The short temper of an Intimidating spouse can make anyone run for cover but the moment you learn to switch from your role as a wife to your identity as a
woman you would have learnt a critical lesson in handling him without allowing what he says affect your esteem.

 You must differentiate between an attack on your role as a wife rather than your identity as a woman because your identity is not in the hands of anyone but you & once that is intact and you are so sure of it whatever anyone says  to pull you down may not really have so much effect on you.

Work is the most important priority to this guy & you must factor that into play because he keeps generating all sorts of projects however once you creatively make home look like a project that he needs to manage and be successful at you would have gotten the best of him because home becomes a priority since it now looks like a task that must be accomplished. Serve him & produce results and above all improve yourself to the highest level you can & become an indispensable woman while you also become a wise helpmeet & you would have become the best asset to the man. Intentionally get interested in what interests him & learn about it especially the teams he support & position yourself as his recreational companion but above all never lose sight of your appearance because nothing puts the intimidating spouse off that is not majestic in her strides and appearance because he always want to be able to flaunt his woman.

To be continued...

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