Monday, 12 October 2015

The new killer....

Both men and women lets get in here and reason together, have we all noticed the rise in cancer cases in patients these day? The rate is alarming and scary too. 
8 out of 10deaths in today's world is caused by cancer, what is actually wrong with out current lifestyle? Could it be what we consuming? Most medics cant seem to place their hands on the cause. 

I ask again why cant there be any cure for it? Most cancer patients even ‎prefer to have contracted the deadly HIV virus than cancer, you wouldn't blame them since there is a great chance of surviving as a HIV patient.
Due to naija's poor medical facilities many cases of deaths due to cancer goes undiagnosed‎ and they begin to blame someone in the village as the cause of the death or plain witchcraft. Knowledge is key!

I could go on and on about these new devils idea of wiping God's own from earth but it wouldn't solve ‎much, its best one spreads the CANCER awareness to everyone. 

-Stop self medication. 
-Never ignore or overlook slightest symptoms  
-Speak and seek advice from well trained medical personnel. 
-Eat healthy.
-Exercise and relax adequately.
-Be happy and have a positive attitude towards life.  ‎
-Be close to your God‎.

Another good news is that with an early detection it can be treated and again, ‎there are vaccines for some cancers as well. Walk into any teaching hospital and you will be screened for free and given the best professional advise. I have done it personally and I assure its not painful one bit and it isnt a long procedure as well. 

Good luck and live healthy!‎


  1. cancer is a vewi interesting disease..normally the body would fight off infections or any foreign bodies buh cancer cells are so smart sometimes that the body may not even recognise them as foreign... early detection is the key


    1. You are very right! God bless u for your contribution.

  2. We just need to be more observant and go for check ups regularly. God save us from this.

  3. Early discovery is better. More awareness is needed. I removed lumps twice and am still very vigilant about it so even as ladies we should be conscious of our body. when we notice anything abnormal, we should immediately go for check ups

    NaijaMom you need to make more appearances so the world will know you are back in full force.

    I miss you no be small.

    1. Wow! Serious? It is well. I'm here to

  4. I wil definitely do my check up this weekend nothing stopping me again . I have noticed kinda strange symptoms in my body system lately . I was told to do kidney and bladder analysis. See me not taking it serious. God help me

  5. Thanks for sharing this. God bless!


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