Friday, 13 November 2015

Naija mom's home made sharwama.

I wonder why sharwama is only prepared in the evenings in most fast food outlets?
Seriously I don't think sharwama should be eaten only in the evenings, I have watched some chefs prepare it carefully and i decided to try it at home and take with a hot cup of coffee to help with this cold. Believe me it came out so well and i enjoyed it to the last bite.

Ingredients are: mayonnaise, ketchup,flat bread, cabbage and carrots(washed and grated), chicken(shredded), saucage and chilli pepper.
 In the absence of a grill I did a pan roast of the saucage, chicken and chilli pepper.
Mayonnaise and ketchup mixed together.
The mixed mayonnaise and ketchup spread on the bread.
Carefully pour the grated cabbage and carrots on the bread.
             Add the chicken and sucage nicely and wrap.
                       Serve with coffee or your choice drink.

Who is going to try it next? please send me fotos of your homemade sharwama.


  1. lolz...not when i'min school now... maybe later

    favourmoyse blog

  2. Oooooh nice.Will try it

  3. I'll really love to try..Wow!

  4. Naija Mom this ya "sausage" na die!!

    1. It looks like a hot dog to me...... I dey come collect my own share oh..............

  5. yummy!I like sharwarma

  6. Wld have to meet her in person to learn this.... Lagos , Abuja, Port-Harcourt or wereeva...

    Love Sharwarma Love Life...


  7. Ok I can't eat this because I don't like mayonnaise, ketchup and other accompaniments.

  8. Seeing this now has motivated me to give it a try,, always wanted to make one at home, but kept on putting it off.. Will make mine and send some photos.

  9. Nice one, You tried!

  10. Your shawarma is unique. nice one sha, you tried. But I will always buy, I'm lazy to try.

  11. Not a fan of all dem junkie food. I am local

  12. Chai..I love it

    I wish I can ooooo

  13. I've been planning to try this. However in Cameroon, Sharwama is sold with regular French bread. Well, we'll see.

    Precious Core Blog

  14. For those in Lagos, shawarma can be gotten at any of d leisure malls in d aft! Chei, I can use all my salary to buy shawarma..*covers face*


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