Saturday, 14 November 2015

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award nomination!

Alabekee nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award, Naija mom is gradually getting popular hehehehehe. Thank you dearie. 

The rules for the nomination are:‎
Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site (I’ve done that)
Put the award logo on your blog (This has been done)
Answer the ten questions sent to you.  
Nominate five blogs.
Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer. 

Below are my answers to Alabekee ' s  questions:‎

1. What is the happiest moment of your life?
ans: when I had my first baby.‎
2. What would you change about your experience in secondary school?‎
Ans: stopping the act of bullying. 
3. What is that one thing that makes you cry each time you remember it?
Ans: the loss of my mother.
4. If you were conscious when your parents were giving you a name, what name would you love to bear?
Ans: I would rather not have a native name.
5.What has blogging taught you?
Ans: no serious lesson for now, still trying to grasp the blogging thing.
5. What is your favourite colour?
Ans: erm...bright colours. ‎
6. ‎If you were to be a President of a country, which country’s President would you be?‎
Ans: erm....Russia...dont ask me why.‎
7. Have you ever regretted being a Nigerian citizen (If yes, why?)
Ans: yes! I was trying to get bullied in jaffar gate market in Israel. I had to claim I was
8. Which country of the world would you like to go on holidays?
Ans: Italy maybe.
9. Between inward beauty and outward beauty, which do you think is priceless?‎
Ans: inward beauty.‎

 These are my nominations:
1. ‎Mummy hive diaries. 
2. Sassy mum.
3. Naija single girl.
4. Mimi's diary.
5. Calabar gal. 

And here are my questions for you;
1. ‎Which is your best Tv program?
2. If given a million dollars, what would you do with it?‎
3. Tell us your most embarrassing moment.
4. If you were asked to head a ministry in naija, which would you choose and why?
5. After a long and stressful day, what do you do first when you get home? Shower first or eat first and why? 
6. Are you a hair extension freak or team natural, and why?‎
7. Which do you like, wine, spirits, cognac or beer?
8. Morning sex or evening sex?
9. What do you hate about Naija mom? 
10. What do love about Naija mom? 

Despite my restriction on my nominations to only 5 bloggers I still nominate all my readers, please answer the questions above in the comments section lets have fun!.‎


  1. I've received so many of such nominations but never got around to doing any.
    Interesting answers, greeting and nice weekend!

  2. Lemme try to answer in no particular order.
    Sex... I do it as the spirit leads but I'm trying to tie my legs for now.
    I've never tasted beer but I lurr spirits.
    I like to carry my natural hair but it's not long so I'm always in braids
    I've not seen any reason to hate you
    I like you because there's this calmness I feel in your posts
    I shower first to wash all the sweat and grime away

  3. Lol@ evening or morning sex. Naija mom which one do you prefer.? You go first.

    1. Am yet to do mine, which I will try and post today. Nice one

    2. Morning sex biko, it leaves you happy and grinning all day...heheheheheh.

  4. I prefer evening sex,, becos i looovveeee my morning beauty sleep. I love hair extensions I can't take care of natural hair, I end up looking dirty sort of..shower first after a long days work before anything else. I love wine.. If given a million dollars I will build a mall as big as shop rite first,, then I will take my whole family to the Bahamas for a week! Lol

  5. Beautiful answers. How r u doing naija mom?

  6. *smiles* hmmm......Naija Mom well done o......and congratulations!!!!
    have a Spirit-filled weekend!!!

  7. Interesting answers from u.
    Lovely questions.
    Would have answered your questions but sleep dey my eyes.

  8. Congrats ma'am..straight to the points ans...

    Rag to riches story of a Billionaire Chinese collector and many more on Duketundesblog..

  9. Kk
    1 . none, I don't have any
    2 . invest in real Estate
    3. Eerrm can't remember
    4. Ministry OF justice :That's where I fit in, I will perform better in the ministry than any other.
    5. It depends, sometimes I just wash my hands first then go straight to the kitchen. After cooking, I bath
    6 . Team hair extension freak.
    7. Eerrm, none
    8. Evening sex that's my sleeping pills
    9. Why should I hate?
    10. I love the fact you relate with your fellow bloggers and readers.

    Yaaay! I need an award

  10. Thanks for responding dear, and have a great week ahead

  11. Nice answers. Congrats. @ Blogorrati the same boat. I got one sometime ago from Alabekee.Didn't know how to go around it till I forgot just remembered. @ Alabekee keep up the good work.Niajamom you've got a really nice blog.Lol@still trying to grasp the blogging thin. Have a nice day

  12. Lemme book this space. Need to do the aproko well...brb

    1. So our mummy was a bully hmm and u denied being a naija ahahahahahha understandable. I want to know that native name oooooo

  13. Hi Naijamom, thank you for your nomination. I saw it since the weekend but could not acknowledge cos I have difficulty with commenting on mobile and my pc subscription got burned out. This is like the 15th nomination I am getting. lol


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