Saturday, 5 December 2015

Saturday night blues; A tale from little miss petite's archives.

I was in my first year at the university when I lost my v.irginity to my second boyfriend.

 The first one left me b’cos I wasn't ready to go beyond kisses and smooching. I was glad I didn't give him because I felt he wasn't really worth the precious gift.
It was raining cats and dogs that faithful day when I resumed for my second semester 100 level. I got to my room at the off-campus and just dumped my luggage on the floor. The place smelt a bit dusty because it hasn't been swept for almost a month because I was away for the break.
I decided I wasn’t going to sleep in that room alone so I reached for my phone in my handbag and called my friend Miriam to find out  if she was around so I could spend the night at her place. Miriam was my neighbour and course mate. Unfortunately for me, she hadn't resumed for the semester.

I didn't want to bother my boyfriend Stanley. Although we spoke earlier and told him I was on my way to school. I got myself out of my wet clothes and was about to take my bath robe when I heard a knock on the door and same time a ring from my phone.

“Hello!” I said after picking the phone.

" Ify babe!”

That was Stanley on the line.

“Please, Come and let me in” he said with that unmistakable sexy tone I had known him for .
I quickly ended the call and went for the door as he stepped in gave me a hug.

 "i missed you  Ify he said"

 "i missed you  to Stan"  I replied, feeling weak under his hold. We kissed for a few seconds and he pulled back and sat on the white plastic chair.

Stanley and I had known each other for almost three months. He was my ideal man;  6ft tall, dark in complexion and a bit chubby. He had this deep and sexy voice that'll get any lady wet, especially me. I found him irresistible in a sexy kind of way,those lips that made me hunger for his kiss, those stout masculine look that made him irresistible, those broad shoulders that make me weak in the feet and watch my knees buckle under his touch, he was the perfect man for me, the man of my dream.
 I left him in the room and went to take my shower and discovered there was no water.
Damn! I cussed silently. Stanley suggested we go to his house since all odds were against me.

We got to his place amidst heavy downpour that won't subside. I had a hot bathe and  he made hot cup of cocoa for us to warm us a bit. We settled in under his duvet as he slotted a seasonal movie for us to watch. I knew Stanley would make a move on me; a part of me wanted that, while the other didn't agree. The last time I spent the night with him, we kissed passionately and he suc.ked my boobs like his life depended on it. I loved him and every bit of the romance but I never felt the urge to let him enter my vegee. I knew this night had its surprises in store for me and somehow, I was anticipating it.

Stanley asked if I was comfortable, he said this while moving closer to me. I didn’t respond, so he planted a wet kiss on my lips. I responded slowly at first and we kissed deeply.
While at it he slowly moved his hands to my left b.oob’s and squeezed it gently. This sent pure undiluted passion through  my body. I moaned lightly and adjusted so he could have access to the right b’oo’b.

I had a lovely set of size 36-DD b’oo’bs which he sucked passionately like his life depended on it. He gently removed my night  shirt exposing my lovely set of twin towers as he took time to the niples one after the other.
“your brea.sts are awesome" he said for the umpteenth time.
 I pulled closer and kissed him as he fondled my brea.sts, bent over and sucked the erects Tips.  His hands found its way to my driping kitty.
I wasn't with any pair of undies so he found his way easily to my clit and stroked it lightly,

"urggghhhh", arrrrggghhh", I moaned softly.

The feeling was outa this planet. He threw the duvet aside and buried his head in my kitty.

At first, I didn't know what he wanted to do but when he began licking my kitty, the tempo of my moans changed and in-between, I was like ;
"Shit! Stan please don't drive me crazy.”

He ignored my pleas and moans  and continued his business down south at my centre of gravity!

Before I could say jack, I had this wonderful feeling I couldn’t explain. My toes curled out of reflex, I felt myself flying in high heavens, spinning out of control and trashing my hips all over the bed.
It must have been an or’

I begged Stan to stop and he asked  if I liked the feeling. I nodded shyly and he said if we had real sex it was gonna be more awesome. I agreed to it, wondering if there could be anything better than what I just felt now, but willing to find out.

He got a lubricant  and con.dom, wore it perfectly and made his way to the entrance of my veegee to rock my world and take my innocence on the process. It was a wonderful feeling, one I would never forget....

To be conti


  1. now this is sensual......... cool post and most defntly reading this has alot for one to learn from........... not just the sensuals but also on the real meaning of some certain emotions.... Up-u...

  2. Umm not all that. Personally i felt nothing while reading this and No am not hating. Yhis is just constructive criticism alright. This writer is not good at all. Just saying

    ....Gossip girl

  3. Hmmm I guess this is fiction?...if so it is well writing. She really tried just that she refused to align her feelings with the reality of how things used to be.

    Honestly, I've never heard a lady describing her first s*x with such an admirable tone and words.

    I don't know sha oooOoh. I'm not a lady. I must confess, I like her descriptive way of writing.

  4. Please mami just post the second part biko.

  5. I must confess NOW naija mum, I love your write ups. They are so REAL and borne out a creative and intellectual mind. Keep it up dear

  6. Cough cough! Gift where are you. Saheed is here already. Lemme go and cuddle my baby

  7. Where is the second part? Waiting...

  8. How come I missed this? Okay, better late than never. Can't wait for the second part of this love story

  9. hmmmmmmmm. part two loading..............


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